Our mission is to make your life simple

Your time is your life, so the best gift you can give yourself is to manage it well. Audacity Tasks was created to provide an easy, intuitive way of organising yourself.

At work

Last minute changes can easily throw a perfectly planned day off the tracks. With our quick action features you can adjust your day in seconds!

At home

Your time is your life, so plan it as best as you can. Use Time Buckets to quickly spread your to-dos, and easily visualise how feasible is your to-do list for a given day.


Life is better when shared. So are tasks. Share your Tasks and Lists with colleagues, family or friends!

On the go

You were sent some last minute reading before an important meeting? We got your back with our Reads* feature.
*Pro feature.

Intuitive Planning

Ever planned all the things you wanted to do on a given day, which felt super satisfying… until you quickly realise you planned too much and then it’s just stressful? Time buckets allow you to see immediately if your day plan looks achievable, because they organise your day in meaningful groupings: ‘Now’, ‘Next’, ‘Later’, ‘Evening’. Visit our guides for Tasks and Time Buckets to learn more.

It costs nothing to be organised

Really, we are being quite literal here. Audacity’s essential features will remain free for anyone, forever. But if you want to fully streamline your life planning, learn more about Audacity Pro on our Pro Features page.

No structure? No problem.

Not everyone is organised by nature. On top of that, well, life happens and things can change rather quickly. Besides our super intuitive Time Buckets, Audacity Tasks allows you to use quick actions to quickly adapt your day plan. Like swiping left on a task to skip it or defer it, and moving the task around with drag and drop.

It’s simple

As we said, our mission is to make your life simple… Including when it comes to getting you started with Audacity Tasks. Tap the button below to watch our Quick Start video and see what Audacity Tasks looks like in action.

Let Audacity take you from this...

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