Audacity Tasks will remain free forever

We want to stay true to our mission: to make your life simpler. So we will always keep not only essential features but also some of our coolest exclusive ones (Time Buckets, Drag and Drop and more) free of cost.

On our help page you can watch some of these in action, in our Quick Start video.

Give Pro a try to fully optimise your planning game.

Truly streamline your life with Audacity Tasks Pro. Access extra features to help you control not only your time and task load, but also your Habits… and support the app development for less than the cost of a coffee & cake.

When you install the free app, you will see the monthly rate of our Pro version, in your local currency.

What do Pro users get?

You can find a complete features matrix at the bottom of this page.

All (things) in one (place)

Jumping from one app to another for different purposes is hardly the end of the world, but we’ve all been there and it can be very impractical. Not to mention, (oh. so) annoying.
With Pro you can have your life even more streamlined with Calendar Integration, which connects your calendar to Audacity and shows your events next to your tasks for the day.

One day at a advance.

Ever gone to bed with your mind racing, feeling it’s hard to relax? Then the Tomorrow view with Time Buckets is the perfect feature for you. You’ll sleep so much better when you believe that tomorrow is do-able, and have no nagging doubts about what the priorities might be.

Tasks are what you do. Habits are who you are.

Your life should be a balance between the things you need to do, and the things you want to do. With Pro, you can separate Habits from Tasks so that you can track your self-improvement separately from your workload.

No more stress due to fear of missing out.

Remember that super interesting article/website/video… that you were going to read later, but then never did? Simply share it with Audacity Pro with the Reads feature and it will be saved in the app for you to read later. You can also turn it into a task with a quick action.

See only what you want to see

Algorithms are supposed to show you what you want to see, but more and more people find their social media overwhelming rather than practical. With our Pro feature Feeds you can follow a specific social media account or channel*, and only be notified about what you, and only you, want to see.
*This feature currently works with Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Plus all the other goodies.

Share as many tasks and projects as you want, with as many people as you want – there are no limits with Pro, the world is your oyster. Upload file attachments up to 100MB in size for each task. From photos or videos to large documents, with Pro the biggest limit to what you can add to a task – individual, or shared – is your imagination.

And if you need to find a task you completed two years ago – no problem with Pro since you have unlimited search history whether for tasks, notes or attachments.

Features matrix

Features Free Pro
Time buckets to intuitively organise the day    
Drag & drop between time buckets for today    
Drag & drop between different days    
Seperate 'Work on' date and deadline date    
'Work on' can be a range of dates    
Reminders about tasks, by phone or email    
Create tasks from emails    
Fully-featured subtasks (same features as main tasks)    
Share up to 5 projects / tasks between colleagues    
Comments - discuss tasks with partner or friends    
Assign tasks    
Assign subtasks to different people    
Starred tasks    
6GB storage for attachements    
Use any photo as background    
Create tasks from other apps    
Create tasks from websites (no "Reads" feature)    
Auto backups / daily reports    
Apple pencil support (scribble, drawings)    
Siri support    
Integrate your calendar, Apple or Google    
Tomorrow view with Time Buckets    
Drag & drop planning for tomorrow    
Unlimited history    
Share unlimited projects / tasks between colleagues    
Upload file attachments up to 100MB in size    
Feeds - receive social media updates on the app    
Reads - save to read later    
Turn Reads into Tasks    
Habits separated from Tasks    

Have fun exploring Audacity. Or if you want to learn more…

Our Help page starts with a Quick Start video to get you started with the app in under 1 minute.

Below that, you will then find guides for all our features, both free (Beginner+Advanced) and Pro, as well as an FAQ section. All you need to know, in just one place.

Simple, as your life should be.