Audacity is free forever

There’s no need to go ‘Premium’ to get access to basic features such as Repeating tasks, Reminders, Comments or Attachments.

But if you want to be an Audacity Pro...

Access extra features to help control your time, tasks and self-improvement. For less per month than the cost of a coffee & cake you can help yourself, as well as supporting development of the App. When you install the app you will see the monthly rate, in your local currency.

There really is no better way

to get a sense of the achievability of a day’s tasks than to drag and sort them in our Time Buckets, stretching from ‘Now’ to ‘Evening’. If you’re a Pro then you can do this before going to bed using the ‘Tomorrow’ planning feature. You’ll sleep so much better when you believe that tomorrow is do-able, and have no nagging doubts about what the priorities might be.

Pro users can also connect their calendar to Audacity and see events next to tasks. And if you need to find a task you completed two years ago – no problem with Pro since you have unlimited search history whether for tasks, notes or attachments.

What else do Pro users get?

For anyone wanting to go a little further than just tasks, Pro users can create ‘Habits’ and track progress against them (‘Streaks’). Habits – and tasks – can be set to repeat multiple times a day, each with an Apple reminder if needed. Ideal for habits, but also for tasks such as taking pills or feeding the sheep (this is an actual request from one of our users!).

In our Help section you can find Audacity Quick Start guide, as well as guides to our Pro Features, so you can learn how to live like a Pro – with Audacity.