The Library section of Audacity stores all media that you import into the app. This includes any  documents and images you upload, or send in the comment section of tasks. If you press and hold on any item in your Library, you can bring up a list of options: Star – Tapping the Star icon […]


Once you’re part of a Shared List, you’ll need to keep up to speed with the rest of the Team. The Alerts section will display notifications when: You are added as a Member of a Team A List has been added to your Team A Task is assigned to you  


With Audacity, you can also organise your tasks into projects or topics using the List View. Navigate to Lists in the bottom bar menu if you’re using an iPad. If you’re using an iPhone, you will see the Lists menu first when you login.   To add a new List, click on the plus icon […]


You can add tasks directly into your Today screen and they’ll be shared automatically with all devices that have the Audacity app installed. When you open the app you will see a blank field that shows “Type here to create a new task”. Type the task title and press enter. You can also create a […]


Audacity organises your tasks according to what you have to do Today and further into the Future.    When you log into the app, you’ll see the Today and Future sections in the bottom menu if you’re on an iPad, and at the top of your Lists menu (usually the first thing you see when […]


We all need a little nudge now and then. If you want to make sure you’re kept on track, you can set up a reminder and Audacity will notify you when the time is reached via Push Message on your devices!

Time Buckets

Your Today section is organised into Time Buckets. Time Buckets represent parts of your day that you can use to organise your time into: ‘Now’, Next’, ‘Later’, and ‘Evening’. This allows you to get a view of how do-able your day is. You can add one bucket to your day if relevant (eg ‘Lunch break’ […]

Dates and Deadlines

Unlike other organisation apps, Audacity doesn’t limit you to only one deadline date. We understand that flexibility is a key factor in success and sometimes you need several days to work on something.    You can set a start and finish date to your task and Audacity will show a task to tick off for […]

Future Days

Your tasks will be displayed in these sections depending on the dates you add to each task. So things you want to work on today will be in Today, tasks for tomorrow in Tomorrow and anything further into the future will appear in Future. Simple! By default, your Future view will show you the next […]