Amazon Price Tracking

      Audacity Pro feature Did you know that most products on Amazon frequently go up or down in price? Are you tired of missing out on online bargains? Since Amazon is now a staple in many people’s shopping lives, Audacity Pro can make it easier to buy items you’ve got your eye on at […]

Audacity Feeds

Audacity Pro feature Would you like your favourite social media updates delivered directly to Audacity? Thanks to the Feeds feature you can now keep up to date with the latest from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest right inside the app. What does it do? With Audacity Pro you can add a social media account within […]

Audacity Reads

Audacity Pro feature Do you miss out on important or interesting knowledge because you don’t have time to read something when you first notice it? And then, well, life happens and you end up forgetting it, only remembering you missed it during a conversation where it might have come in handy. Since Audacity is meant […]


  Audacity Pro feature Now, besides getting your lives more organised, managing tasks and commitments, you will also be able to track your Habits! Someone once said that Audacity was a pocket PA. Now, it’s also a Personal Development Coach. What does it do? With Audacity Pro you can separate Tasks from Habits. All you […]