Daily Backups

Access settings by tapping your avatar (profile picture), then tap on ‘Manage my account’ to go to your web account. Tap on Backups, then activate the option Send me backups by tapping Yes. Pick the days you want to receive the backups by tapping on the relevant day of the week.


If you have a lot of Lists on the go, your screen could become confusing and at Audacity our job is to keep your life simple! That’s why we’ve implemented Folders, to allow you to group projects together and keep them organised. To create a Folder, swipe left on a List and tap the Folder […]


To organise the items in your Library, Audacity uses Bags, which are special coloured folders for your Library content. To make a new Bag, simply tap and hold on an item and then select the Bag icon. On the My Bags pop up, Tap ‘Create Bag’ then pick a name and colour and save. To […]


Want to highlight a Task as especially important?  Tap on the Star in the right hand corner of the task to add a Star Banner. That way you can see at a glance which tasks you need to keep in mind.


  Whether on Twitter, Instagram or Audacity, Hashtags can be a great way of finding related content easily.  Add a #hashtag to the title of your task and Audacity will remember it in the Hashtags section.  Tag your tasks to make them easily searchable by simply tapping the Hashtag icon.

Past Days

This setting also controls how far back the app will show you your completed tasks. Tap the ‘ticked off’ icon in the bottom left corner (which will show you Today’s completed tasks) and then the Calendar icon in the top right corner of the pop-out to view your Past Days completed tasks. In the Past Days […]


Make Audacity your own with a custom background. Simply access My Account by tapping your avatar (profile picture). On the iPhone, your avatar shows in the top left corner of the Lists screen. On the iPad, it shows in the top left corner  of the Today, Tomorrow or List screens. After tapping your avatar, select […]


Do you have a task with a lot of different parts? Or perhaps a large task that you want to break down into smaller pieces of work? Subtasks are the answer. Simply create a task for the over-all work and then add in subtasks for each step or section (by tapping the blank field that […]

Repeating Tasks

Sometimes you need to remind yourself of a task that comes around regularly, like paying bills, attending meetings or just plain old regular chores. That’s where repeating tasks come in handy. Simply choose the interval you want the task to repeat on and it’ll appear automatically in your future view as a new task.


When creating or editing a List, you can also share it with up to five other people by creating a Team. Tap ‘Shared’ when creating a List to see your existing teams or create a new one, or swipe left on an existing List and click the People icon to access the Team options. In the […]