Our top 20 – Everything you need to be productive and never forget

1  Create tasks by typing, speaking, sharing, or by forwarding emails (attachments accepted)

2  Arrange those tasks into lists (or projects), and group lists into folders

3  Highlight important or favourite tasks by tapping the star

4  Set work on dates – even date ranges – as well as deadlines

5  Be warned as deadlines approach or are missed, or if no work on date has been assigned

6  View your tasks for Today and Future days

7  Manage your workload with Time Buckets – Do Now, Next, Later and This Evening

8  Effortless drag and drop to prioritise or re-arrange

9  Swipe/tap to defer something that can’t be done today

10  Tasks can auto-repeat at future intervals

11  Set reminders – on your phone or by email – and with a visual inspiration in each email

12  Add attachments, including sketches or annotated images

13  Create subtasks:  fully-featured, with their own deadlines, etc

14  Share tasks with a partner or friend

15  Exchange comments about tasks

16  See what you’ve achieved today (with ‘Undo’ option) and past days

17  Email a list, or opt in to the morning pdf of all your open tasks

18  Integration with Apple and Google calendars (Pro Feature)

19  Select one of our preset backgrounds, or use any photo

20  Dark mode to rest your eyes and your battery



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