What is the Audacity app and what does it do?

The Audacity app is the world’s most beautiful To Do List app and the world’s most powerful To Do List app.  That’s a bold statement but what does it mean? What is a To Do List app? What makes it beautiful? How is it powerful?


Making planning a pleasure: Next 7 Days

Well, the Audacity app has been launched and the hard efforts of the team have been celebrated with pizza, bubbles and dancing!  Following this, I can now fully embrace the merits of Audacity and plan my next 7 days.  Let’s see if I can make planning a pleasure!


What’s in a name: The Seeds of Audacity – Part 5

A new project, like a newborn babe, needs a name. I take a fairly conventional approach to this task – lots of candidate words, plentiful marker pen ink on dead trees (mostly recycled paper, soon to be recycled again, like most of the ideas), and a few Post-its.