Juggling Resources

In this mixed-up post-pandemic world it seems that there is a shortage of everything – vaccines, HGV drivers, baristas… and of course programmers. People get creative when there are shortages, so we can expect to see a truckload of innovations in the months and years ahead. (‘Truckload’ might not be the best word to use, […]

Audacity Pro

So, what have we been up to this summer?   Yes, we’re late again with a new version release, apologies for that.  Although to try and put a positive spin on it, we haven’t been forced to rush out any new release since no bugs have been reported in the current version! It kind of […]

Making planning a pleasure: Next 7 Days

Well, the Audacity app has been launched and the hard efforts of the team have been celebrated with pizza, bubbles and dancing! Following this, I can now fully embrace the merits of Audacity and plan my next 7 days. Let’s see if I can make planning a pleasure! As you may have read in my […]

Keeping organised: using the ‘Tomorrow’ screen

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, sitting bolt upright in bed and thinking, ‘oh my goodness I mustn’t forget to do that!’. We’ve all been there. However.  By planning even just one day in advance, you can round off today in a well organised fashion.  You’ll sleep soundly and wake up […]

Time buckets: the most effective way to plan your day

Knowing your limits – it sounds simple, but really this is a skill in itself. All too often, we try to push ourselves all throughout the working week with unrealistic expectations and to-do lists that are a mile long. On the surface, these might seem ambitious, or like a healthy encouragement to keep pushing yourself. […]

Why is There No Vaccine for Procrastination?

Ever feel like all you do some days is procrastinate? Instead of getting those tasks on your to-do list completed, you spend hours avoiding them by doing other things? You’re not alone! With so much talk about the COVID-19 vaccine and millions of people in the UK already having had their first dose of the […]

The joy of not lying to yourself

What is it with so many apps and “gamification”? This morning my health app congratulated me on a “20 day streak” complete with accompanying exultant graphics. Not that I did much to earn the praise. An accompanying absurdity is that if I miss a day, then the next time I carry out a trivial act […]

Can Audacity be sustainable, if it’s free?

We’re not aiming to re-write the laws of economics. Audacity will have to pay its way. However, we won’t be charging for the basics of efficient task management – and by basics we mean a host of things which other apps seem to regard as merely Premium. In the months ahead we will launch a […]

Android, wherefore art thou?

My apologies to all Android users who are waiting for Audacity to become available on more platforms than just iOS. More importantly, to iPhone users who want to be able to share tasks with Android-using partners (including me!). I’ve nothing against Android. I love it, and in fact my next car will be the world’s […]

Emerging from Lockdown

Conker Group was an old-fashioned tech business before the lockdown. We even had a server room in one of our offices, housing dozens of servers, and often Kev’s bike. And, a unicycle left behind by an IT manager from many years ago – I often wonder how he got home. Almost everybody went to the […]