Stop forgetting!

Put a PA in your pocket

Be the person who remembers everything

We all need help juggling priorities and remembering deadlines. You don’t need an actual PA, just a free App that never overlooks a task, and never forgets to send a reminder.

At Work

Don’t be late with a report, proposal, or a follow-up. Head to the airport knowing you have everything you need.

At Home

Break that big redecoration project down into manageable sub-tasks. Whether you have to manage kids, pets, a big family, or just your amazing self, stay on top of everything you need to do.


Life is better when shared. The same goes for tasks. From shopping lists to new apartment options, share tasks with your partner or even the whole family, and discuss them using features like comments and attachments.

Audacity’s unique Time Buckets

View Today’s tasks in meaningful groupings:
‘Do Now’, ‘Next’, ‘Later’, ‘Evening’. Time buckets allow you to see immediately if your day plan looks achievable. And if it doesn’t… just drag and drop between buckets to adjust. You can easily defer less important tasks to a different day with a quick swipe option. You can add a bucket for things you’ll do on a journey, or during your lunch break.

It costs nothing to get organised

Audacity’s essential features will remain free for anyone, forever. But if you want to maximise your Organisation & Productivity, Become an Audacity Pro and you’ll also be a Pro when it comes to managing your own tasks and deadlines. You’ll be the person who never forgets things, and who always has time for the important things in life… including sitting in that favourite coffee shop with a slice of cake and a slice of ‘me’ time.

In our Help section you can find Audacity Quick Start guide, as well as guides to our Pro Features, so you can learn how to live like a Pro – with Audacity.