More features than the wonderful Wunderlist
  •  Separate ‘Work on’ and ‘Deadline’ dates
  •  Fully-featured subtasks
  •  Sketched attachments
  •  Daily emailed backups
  •  Drag and drop planning for today/tomorrow
  •  Secure creation of tasks from email

*Wunderlist is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

Things To Do
Your tasks - when you are going to work on them and what’s the deadline for each. Free forever.
‘Today’ View
Put tasks into time buckets - Now, Next, Later, Evening. You can immediately see how do-able the day’s tasks are.
A Joy to Use
Drag tasks between lists or time buckets, swipe to defer, tap to see a task’s attributes including attachments. Suddenly you feel in control.
A Task Shared…
Share tasks with partner or colleagues. Manage everything from projects to shopping; subtasks can be assigned to different people.
The Audacity Story
Reasons to be cheerful with Audacity
You will be more successful... When you have no fear of overlooking tasks.

Shorter Lists

“Long lists don’t get done” (37 Signals). Assign future work dates to tasks so they don’t clutter your view. And use Time Buckets in the Today view.


Attach notes, photos, documents, hyperlinks, even quick sketches, to Tasks or Subtasks. Individual files limited to 6mb on the free plan.

Automatic Backups

You can have backups emailed to you daily or weekly. Currently PDF - Excel option coming soon.

Attention Please…

Audacity will highlight not just overdue tasks, but those which will soon be overdue and which don’t have any date assigned to be worked on.


Set date/time reminders for tasks and subtasks. You can even set Reminders for tasks which you assigned to someone else.


Create Tags such as ‘Favourites’ or ‘Dreams’. Apply to tasks or subtasks for simple filtering and reporting.

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